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Customer Experience Optimisation

Utilise the world’s first analytics solution for realtime customer experience and performance optimisation. Harness data from all Contact Center, CRM and Virtual Assistant technology providers, across all customer interaction channels, to obtain a unified view of your customer experience solution.

Harness the power of fully integrated realtime, historical and predictive analytics in a unified visualisation environment. Visualise current operations with sub-second accuracy, compare to historical behaviour and be alerted to anomalies based on our machine learning capabilities.

Analyse the customer journey across all touchpoints, including speech and text analytics, combine with rich customer context and adapt service strategies and workflows in realtime to continuously optimise your customer experience.

All in realtime

Turn insight into Action

Industry reports indicate that less than 15% of Contact Center organisations believe their current analytics capabilities meet their needs. Data siloes, legacy platforms and lack of realtime capabilities are at the core of the issue. Our unique cloud native solution transforms Customer experience analytics by seamlessly integrating realtime, historical and predictive analytics across all the key elements of a modern CX solution and all customer channels.

Our active analytics can alert users to anomalies, can be joined with business data in realtime, and be visualised using a rich UX which supports smart search and rich interactivity features, including unique dashboard pause, rewind and fast forward features.

Our open, streaming analytics architecture prepares you for the future when new data sources such as the Internet of Things become a key factor in delivering superior CX.

Our Products And Services

Cloud Analytics

Our core platform provides scalable realtime data ingestion, processing and enrichment capabilities combined with an integrated visualisation environment optimised for unified realtime, historical and predictive analytics. Time series forecasting is utilised to provide predictive insights and anomaly detection alongside a rich KPI framework.

We support smart notifications and analytics search capabilities, dramatically improving the user experience and facilitating rapid insights. In addition to out of the box integrations with existing Contact Center, CRM and Virtual assistant platforms, our APIs and open architecture facilitates rapid delivery of custom integrations.

Amazon Connect Reporting and Analytics

Built upon our core platforms capabilities, our dedicated solution for Amazon Connect provides rich reporting and analytics to complement the powerful features provided by Amazon Connect. Our features include interactive dashboards and alerts for Lex sentiment and intent analytics, contact flow and customer journey analytics enriched by Salesforce data.

All dashboards combine realtime and historical analytics and can be paused, rewound and moved into the future. In addition, our multi-vendor capabilities provide combined analytics across on-premise contact centers and the cloud environment to facilitate seamless transitions to Amazon Connect.

Contact Centre Site Reliability Engineering

Delve deep into underlying Unified Communication and Contact Center platforms and gain realtime visibility into critical KPIs and system health across your entire solution. Understand the operational status and health of the platform from the perspective of each component. Get alerted to anomalies in critical system elements including IVR Application and Media Servers, SIP Application Servers, Call Recorders, CTI and Workflow/Orchestration Servers.

Produce complex analytics based on multi event correlations and enrich these with external data sources. Combine these analytics with critical operational metrics from microservice based architectures based on analysis of Kafka or Kinesis streams as well as realtime data caches such as Gemfire and Redis.

Out of the box integration with Prometheus and Grafana is supported to facilitate integration with Enterprise standard SRE strategies.


Joulica integrates with all leading contact center and CRM platforms, with our open APIs making custom integrations fast and straightforward. We can stream directly from the most widely used streaming technologies and deploy to either Kubernetes or Cloudfoundry. For SRE solutions, we integrate directly with Prometheus and Grafana.

Use Cases

Realtime Virtual Assistant Analytics

Visualise the realtime and historical performance of your Virtual assistant based chatbot. Instantly identify flows where intents are not recognised or where high numbers of agent transfers are taking place. Detect patterns and get alerted to anomalies when critical KPIs are not being met. Correlate chatbot customer sentiment and CSAT with other Contact Center metrics.

Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud analytics

Visualise Contact Flow and Lex performance analytics. Dive deep into the performance of your Amazon Connect and Lex services by segmenting analytics in realtime by customer demographic, location, sentiment or other customer data from Salesforce.

Set KPIs for critical performance metrics or have them generated automatically based on our machine learning capabilities. Get alerted to anomalies such as a deterioration in customer satisfaction for high value customers. Analyse Salesforce email and social interaction channels alongside Amazon Connect voice and chat channels in a unified view.

Customer Journey Analytics

 Assess automated versus assisted service performance and use our APIs to adapt workflows automatically. Analyse end-to-end customer journeys in realtime. Enrich Contact Center analytics with context from Web, Mobile and Enterprise data sources. Create custom analytics that flow across all touch points to dive deep into NPS and CSAT scores in realtime. Combine with CRM data, all the time benefiting from our rich visualisation and smart notification features to promote continuous and immediate optimisation and improvements.

Our Customers

We are trusted by global organisations to deliver cloud-native mission critical solutions. Our existing customers including Fortune 50 organisations and operators of the largest call centers on the planet.

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