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We are Joulica

Next Generation Customer
Experience Analytics

Customer Experience Optimisation

Utilise the worlds first realtime analytics solution for customer experience optimisation. Harness data from all customer interaction channels to obtain a 360 degree view of customer experience. Combine Contact Center, CRM and Enterprise data sources and leverage Machine learning to fully understand customer experiences.

All in realtime

Turn insight into Action

Our unique cloud native solution unifies realtime, historical and predictive analytics into a single environment. Visualise the current status of your Contact Center, correlate with historical trends and view predicted status all in one application. Enrich standard metrics with web, mobile and enterprise data sources to fully understand the customer journey. Harness the latest AI technologies to unify with speech and text analytics.
Integration is straightforward via modern REST APIs, with pre-built integrations with Slack and Teams delivering smart alerts to detect issues before CX issues arise.

Our Products And Services

Amazon Connect Reporting and Analytics

Joulica provides the most advanced reporting and analytics solution for Amazon Connect. Our realtime, historical and predictive analytics unifies data from Amazon Connect, CRM, Web, Mobile and Enterprise applications to produce rich and rapid insights. Supports multi-region Connect deployments and unified reports across on-premise CC and Connect deployments.

Site Reliability Engineering and Solution Monitoring

Joulica provides mission critical technology that integrates all leading contact center technology platforms with Enterprise Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) platforms. Out of the box integration with Prometheus and Grafana supported. Platform data can be enriched with external data to provide rich solution level monitoring dashboards.

Cloud Migration Acceleration

Joulica accelerates Contact Center cloud migrations, allowing critical reporting and administration data to be preserved during the transition process. Critical vendor specific reporting metrics can be maintained, minimising disruption to operational processes and enterprise integrations.


Joulica integrates with all leading contact center and CRM platforms, with our open APIs making custom integrations fast and straightforward. We can stream directly from the most widely used streaming technologies and deploy to either Kubernetes or Cloudfoundry. For SRE solutions, we integrate directly with Prometheus and Grafana.

Successes and Latest News

Customer Base

We are trusted by global organisations to deliver exceptional cloud-native mission critical solutions. Our existing customers including Fortune 50 organisations and operators of the largest call centers on the planet.

Awards and Recognition

Joulica is proud to be the winner of the TechExcellence and ITAG Awards in 2019. We were highlighted as the exemplar technology startup by the Irish Government in their 2019 regional development plan.

Websummit Lisbon, 2019

Join us at Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, Nov 4 – Nov 7 where will be exhibiting our revolutionary customer experience analytics solutions.